My Top 4 Inspiring TV Shows & Films

At base level, TV and movies can simply be chewing gum for the eyes or easy entertainment. However, at their absolute best they can literally change our lives – sending us some kind of personal message or offering answers, hope and inspiration for how to move forward through our lives. When we have watched a […]

Meaningful Girly Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and it is time to start thinking gifts. Successful gift giving is all about presenting the recipient with something they really want – not difficult if you know the person well and money is no object. However, the gifts which seem to be treasured the most are meaningful gifts […]

Gifts to Give a Friend with a Broken Heart

It almost breaks your heart to see some-one you love in so much pain, knowing there is nothing you can say or do. There is no magic glue you can buy to seal up that broken heart and we’re assuming you have no super human powers to move time forward more quickly to hasten the […]