You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

“You are more beautiful than you think” – That mantra is what’s at the core of Dove’s campaign for real beauty. It’s true what they say that your worst enemy is yourself since more and more women nowadays are becoming too overly critical of how they look on the outside. It may have something to […]

katniss – A Wonderful Role Mode for Young Girls

Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays Katniss in ‘Hunger Games’ talks to Zoe Conway on BBC Newsnight where she talks about how Kaniss is a wonderful role model for young girls, her take on sexualization of girls in media and her influence on young girls to look healthy and not follow the unrealistic expectations of […]

The IMO Girls – Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Megha Dowling and the other IMo ladies in this wonderful episode discuss why all women should embrace their natural beauty and go for less and less make up. The girls explain what their minimal makeup routine is and explain why it is not about how much make-up you wear but how confident you are and […]

Joey Graceffa and Nate Clark Issue

If you are subscribed to Joey Graceffa on youtube, you probably are aware of what happened. For anyone who is not aware of what happened, here is a recap. So Joey parks his car in front of Nate Clark’s driveway; Nate finds that Joey’s car was blocking more that half of his driveway and hence […]