20 Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings

One of the most exciting and perhaps challenging aspects of the journey to parenthood is choosing your baby’s name. Modern technology through 3D and 4D ultrasound scans has given us the opportunity not only to determine the baby’s gender before birth, but also to see the facial features and expressions of the unborn child. This critical information will particularly be useful when picking the right name for your child among thousands of baby name options.

Names Play a Role in the Child’s Future

Psychologists and researchers have long suggested that names have an effect on the child’s personality and future. For example, giving your baby girl a masculine sounding name might influence her behavior and career choices in the future. One study even suggests that people are attracted to things and people that sound close to their name. Names can also influence people’s perception about the individual’s cultural and social background. With these in mind, you can definitely say that the time spent mulling over potential names for your baby is well worth it.
This article presents 20 beautiful and meaningful names that you can bestow upon your baby girl. You can combine two names to merge two meanings.

  • Agatha – is a Greek name that suggests being “honorable and good.”
  • Belinda – an Italian name, which means “beautiful.”
  • Cassandra – A Greek name, which means “prophetess.”
  • Danica – A Slavic name which means “morning star.”
  • Eliana – a Hebrew name that suggests “God has answered.”
  • Felicia – a Latin name, which means “happy and lucky.”
  • Gianina – an Italian name that suggests “God is gracious”
  • Helga – An old German name that suggests being “successful and holy.”
  • Isis – an Egyptian name that refers to the most powerful goddess of ancient Egypt.
  • Jewel – an old French name, which suggests something that brings “delight.” In English, this literally means a valuable gem.
  • Karina – a Scandinavian name, which means “pure.”
  • Lucia – an Italian variant of Lucy, which suggests “light.”
  • Michaeline – A variant of the common name Michelle, which means “who is like God.”
  • Nadia – a Russian name that suggests “hope.”
  • Pollyana – Taken from the novel Pollyana by Eleanor porter. The name suggests “optimism.”
  • Regine – A Latin name, which refers to “queen”
  • Shanice – An English name, which means “god is gracious.”
  • Tierra – A Spanish name, which means “earth.”
  • Vania – a Latin name that suggests “bringer of good news.”
  • Zarina – a Persian name, which means “golden.”

Remember, the name you choose for your baby will stay with her for the rest of her life. Take your time and choose your baby girl’s name wisely.