15 Creative Ideas for Hand Designing a Birthday Card For Your Best Friend

There are many reasons to hand design and custom make a birthday card for a best friend. It can often work out to be much more affordable but the most appealing factor when it comes to hand making cards is the fact that it instantly makes the gift one hundred times more personal. Not only do you put your own creativity, more thought and your own effort and energy but when you hand make a card for your best friend you make it with your friend in your mind’s eye.

Each piece of cardboard or paper you glue is done with your friend in mind. The card is one hundred percent unique- there is no other like it –and it is totally designed with your best friend in mind.

Honestly, what could make a better gift than that?

Getting Started

So here are a few creative impulse ideas to get you started. Sometimes it is tough to know where to begin so this list is designed to ignite your own inner sense of inspiration.

  • Do you already have a box of creative things you can use? Any scrap-booking things, glue, photographs of you and your best friend, things that you know your best friend absolutely adores..? Sit down with this box of goodies in front of you. Now lay them all out on the table in front of you. If there is anything else you think may come in handy then write it down. Make a list on a blank sheet of paper of all the things that could assist you in making the cards. Now remember that this is a brainstorming session- do not over think anything- anything, and I mean anything, which pops into your head- write it down.
  • Now get a few sheets of blank paper. Roughly sketch different ideas. It is important to not think about how you will create the cards- just create a rough draft of different ideas- no matter how outrageous they may seem.
  • Now that you have different choices of designs to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that if your first design does not work out as planned (if unexpected problems with the design arise or if you do not like the final product), you have many other options to fall back on.
  • Now, look at your designs and look at your box of goodies. Is there anything extra that you think you can add onto your list of things to get?
  • There are a few basics: hard, colorful cardboard, paper (colorful or plain), ribbons/sequins/glitter, photographs you can use, scrapbook elements… etc.
  • One of the most important elements of a handmade card is the personal message that is included. Be sure that this message is straight from the heart!

Some Creative BDay Card Ideas

Right, now that your own creative process is underway here are some ideas for you to draw inspiration from:

  • Mood Board Card: Create a ‘mood board’ card. Mood boards are used in many different scenarios, even in professional workplaces when pitching an idea. The main function of a mood board is to engage and ignite specific thoughts, emotions and feelings. Gather happy pictures from a magazine that are reminiscent of the experiences you have had with your best friend. These can be in the form of images and words. Fold a piece of hard A4 cardboard in half and stick them in a collage style on the front. Remember, you can make the card any size you want and the A4 is just an example.
  • Map Card for Long Distant Friend: Do you have a long-distance friendship? Why not print a map, picture of the country or hand draw a cartoon version of the land? Now identify where you are, and mark where your best friend is. Link the two in a creative way. You can make this like pirates treasure map with an ‘X’ marks the spot or any way you choose. In your own words write that no matter the distance, you will always treasure your friendship. Or, if you go the pirate route, then make it as if the location of your best friend is where your heart’s treasure is.
  • Card Using Stick People: Have you been friends with your best friend since you were little? Then how about getting a younger sibling (if you don’t have a younger sibling than do it yourself) to write out the card.You can draw cute looking stick people on the front of two friends (just like you would when you were ten years old- or whenever you first met your best friend) and on the inside write your message in the way you used to when you were younger. This is cute because what friendship did not blossom with ‘letters’ between your ten year old selves?
  • Photo Collage: make a card with a collage of photos of you and your best friend.
  • Let’s Stick Together Card: Egg and toast or glue and cardboard as pictures on the front etc. with a cute saying like ‘let’s stick together’.
  • Card stack: 52 reasons why… I love you (as a friend) … why you are my best friend… why you are the best … etc. handmade card stack.
  • Mind Map Card: Draw a mind map on the front of the card. This is a cute way to show from the moment you met until you became friends and maybe even journey of your friendship up until this point.
  • Comic StripsFeeling super creative? Make up a cartoon comic strip of how you met and how you became friends and the journey of your friendship up until this point.

To find more inspiration and design ideas check out this pinterest page.

Image Credit: Terry Dunn