Why Life is More Beautiful After 30

When I was a young girl, I have always been interested in the concept of time travel. I cannot remember how many times I’ve watched the 80’s flick, “Back to the Future” but I’m certain it was at least 40 times. My attraction to the film was probably because of my desire to grow older […]

20 Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings

One of the most exciting and perhaps challenging aspects of the journey to parenthood is choosing your baby’s name. Modern technology through 3D and 4D ultrasound scans has given us the opportunity not only to determine the baby’s gender before birth, but also to see the facial features and expressions of the unborn child. This […]

How I Faced and Overcame Infertility

I have always dreamed of becoming a mother someday. As a child, I was never one of those little girls who dream about having their perfect wedding. My thoughts have always drifted to the time I’ll have my own family, to the day I’ll have my own baby. For me, it was every girl’s destiny […]

25 Life Lessons I Learned at 25

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I finally hit 25, it felt like some sort of little achievement or milestone. No, I still haven’t found answers to life’s mind-boggling questions nor have I discovered a cure for a disease. I’ve lived and was given this new chapter in life—and that alone feels […]

Meaningful Girly Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and it is time to start thinking gifts. Successful gift giving is all about presenting the recipient with something they really want – not difficult if you know the person well and money is no object. However, the gifts which seem to be treasured the most are meaningful gifts […]

Yoga for women: empowering with pranayama

A yoga practice has beneficiary benefits for all whether done for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or all of the above ingredients. For women, yoga can assist in regulating the ebb and flow of emotions and is elemental in cultivating a healthy self-conscious. Many women have taken up the practice of yoga after having seen […]