22 Cutest Couples on Youtube

Let’s face it, vlogger couples are taking over and they are so much more realistic and inspirational as compared to fake couples that you see in reality shows on television. Youtube couples present a real side to relationships and offer us an opportunity to learn a whole lot about life, living and having a companion. […]

7 Signs You are Starting to Like Him More Than Just a Friend

The line between best friends and lovers can be very thin, especially considering how best friends have an intimate bond that goes beyond a normal friendship. Now, there is a difference between accepting that your best friend is attractive and actually developing feelings for them. I went through a similar experience too and you can […]

15 Subtle Signs that Indicate He Has a Crush On You

They say guys are like open books, but let’s be real; they can be very confusing especially when it comes to displaying their love interest. A guy can be crazy about you but he is not going to let it all show because deep down he knows that displaying too much affection can make him […]

5 Homemade Gifts that Guys Love to Receive!

Gift giving can be tough, especially for the people you care about. You want the gift to be something they’ll love, while also being something unique and special. Enter homemade gifts. However, even the most practiced homemade gift givers often shy away from giving similar gifts to their boyfriends. Often times, it is simply a […]

How to find true love?

How to find true love? This is an age-old question, and both sides of the sexes ask it. The most fundamental and simple of the answers is this: You have already found it! The greatest romance you have the potential to experience is with yourself. This is not just a new-age concept; poets, mystics and prophets […]

List of 200 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend With

According to Helen Fisher (Rutgers University), nicknames are a way of expressing love and are part of what is called ‘romantic baby talk or ‘Loverese’ which can actually help strengthen emotional bonds between couples! In-fact, study done by Pepper Schwartz, (professor of sociology at the University of Washington) suggests that most happy couples use some […]

10 Uplifting Movies To Watch After A Break-Up

“Break-ups are hard” is probably the biggest understatement you will hear, even when the memory is still fresh in your mind and in your heart. They’re painful and an unforgiving reminder that someone you once cared about will not be in your life the same way. Whether it was you who decided to cut the […]

9 Easy Tips to Heal a Broken Heart and Move On

Life is a hazardous roller-coaster. No matter how happy we are in a certain moment, something is almost inevitably going to crash and burn. If only there was a universal recipe that could guide us as far away as possible from something as scarring and unpleasant as heartbreak, but there isn’t. Heartbreak is an unfortunate […]

My Parents Don’t Like My Boyfriend! What Should I Do?

It’s like Romeo and Juliet all over again, except that your families aren’t fighting, nobody is dying and you can actually see each other… Ok, it’s not like Romeo and Juliet, but your parents really don’t like your boyfriend. When people we love don’t like each other it can make us nervous, anxious and overall […]