15 Simple Ways to Show Your Man That You Love Him

Here are fifteen simple ways to express your love to that special man in your life:

1.) Love notes – leave little love notes scattered around your shared house or his flat in both obvious and immediately found but also less looked in places. You could place them so that when he gets into bed he finds them, in his lunch box or in the glove box of his car. Alternatively you can write a message on the bathroom mirror in lipstick – he’s worth the cleaning up it will take!

2.) Caring through cuisine – cliché it may be but cook your man his favourite meal to show him you care and you can’t go far wrong. Make a real occasion of it and inject some romance by setting a beautiful scene – candles, music, flower petals scattered on the table and glittering table decorations and settings. Or how about making something handmade to surprise him?

3.) Personal voucher booklet – make him up a little booklet of redeemable vouchers which he can use whenever he likes. They can be favours and treats like bringing him a cup of coffee in bed for a whole week and also include anything of a sexual nature and fantasy fulfillment. You can also make it fun with things like ‘on presentation of this voucher I promise to sit through a whole episode of [insert his favourite TV programme that you dislike] without complaining once’.

4.) Say it – and that doesn’t just mean saying ‘I love you’. Tell him spontaneously and for no special reason that you think he is sexy/gorgeous/beautiful etc. It isn’t just women who need to be assured that they are desirable and attractive to their mate. You can also tell him you admire him or he makes you laugh like no-one else can or make comments such as ‘that was a sweet/kind/thoughtful thing to do’.

5.) I miss you – tell him you’ve missed him even if you only saw him a few hours ago or even if he only went out of sight for a few minutes.

6.) Flirt – flirt with him by text throughout the day or as you go about your day to day lives.

7.) Little sacrifices – we’re not talking major compromises here – just little things like going with him to do something he really wants to do but knows you don’t.

8.) Breakfast in bed – who doesn’t like breakfast in bed – it’s a universal ‘I love you’ statement to make.

9.) I love you because………write him a little letter or make him a poster listing the 10 or 20 best reasons you love him. It can be silly, sexy, serious or a mixture.

10.) Boy time with blessing – send him out for some time with the boys with your blessing. Not only does this show trust but it also demonstrates you are acknowledging his needs and happily giving him some space.

11.) Acknowledge and praise – remember to praise any achievements or little accomplishments and acknowledge his efforts in all sorts of little things. It could be as simple as ‘thanks for taking out the trash’ or it could be praising him on his work or study. Be careful not to go overboard here though or it cheapens the intent.

12.) Seduce him – it’s not always the boys who kick everything off but research shows that in the majority of relationships it is the man who most often initiates the love-making process. Surprise him by seducing him slowly or moving in on him for a change. This is not just going to please and surprise him but will also flatter his ego a little which, exactly the same as the girls, needs bolstering every so often, making him feel sexy and wanted.

13.) Date night – if you have been in your relationship for a while and a little past the initial dating stage then plan a date night. Make it something special or meaningful for you both – perhaps you could re-enact your first date.

14.) Massage – receiving a massage is a treat for most people and if you offer this when he has had a difficult or trying day you will earn extra points.

15.) Seek his advice – seek his advice – most men like to fix things and feel needed. Make sure you follow at least some of the advice through though or the intent could backfire.