Five Perfect Outfit Ideas for a First Date that Always Work

Going on the first date is, let’s face it, absolutely nerve-wracking, especially for us, girls. We feel like we need to behave in a certain way, be careful what we say, and, of course, pay special attention to what we wear. Because you don’t want to be too revealing, but you do want to be a bit sexy. It is a date, after all, not a job interview. Even though the two are strangely alike. Of course, choosing the perfect first date outfit depends on the season and the place he’s taking you. However, here are 5 outfit ideas that always work.

1. Casual style

When it’s a bit cold outside, like in spring or autumn, you want to keep warm, but look good as well. That’s why this outfit idea is amazing. It comprises a long sleeved, grey, open sweater, a loose matching-shirt and a comfy, but trendy pair of boots.

If you want to accentuate your waste, you can simply incorporate a black belt to the mix and you definitely won’t go unnoticed. Don’t forget to add a killer bag. Opt for a vintage style messenger bag made out of leather, to go with the belt and keep the casual tone.


2. Rock chic look

If you know you have a bit of a wild side and you want to explore that theme on your first date, here’s the perfect outfit. It definitely has an edge, but not so much as to scare your partner away. The sexy, but sophisticated black leather jacket is perfect for this occasion, plus it will lend a bit of mystery to your image. Add some skin tight pants and a pair of high heeled boots and you will definitely have him begging for a second date.

Rock chic outfit

3. Sweet and ethnic

Here’s a very attractive multi-colored ultra-mini, that will definitely catch your date’s eye. If you want to make sure you’re the only thing he’s looking at for the entire time you’re out together, wear a skirt like this one. You can also try a geometric pattern or a tribal one if you’re not comfortable with the ethnic wear.

Ethnic look

Keep the top part of your outfit neutral. Wear non-colors, such as white or black. You can also opt for nudes, should the mood strike. What’s best about this outfit is that you can accessorize as much as you want. These types of patterns simply ask to be combined with fun jewelry. The key word here is layering. Just add layers upon layers of necklaces and bracelets and test your imagination with a fun and jovial outfit.

4. Disney princess with a twist

They say that every girl is just a princess looking for her prince on a white horse. But they never tell you a boy is a prince looking for his princess also. So now that you know, how about dressing for the part when it comes to your first date?

Disney princess outfit

Here’s an amazing idea of a fairy-tale like ensemble you can wear, with a twist for the modern day, of course. It’s basically comprised of a fun, floral maxi skirt and a simple white T-shirt, tucked into the said skirt. Keep the jewelry to a minimum and the colors to a max. Just like this outfit we suggest, you can go for very bold colors. Add a glamorous hat and you’re set to go. You can also go a bit over the top with the make-up. Why not? You are a princess after all, right?

5. Boho style

No, not Coachella boho style, that’s a bit too much and should really remain at the festival. But boho more like in this example. Let your hippy, but seductive side, take the lead this time with a white patterned dress or blouse. The good thing about this kind of outfit is that you can accessorize as much as possible, since the colors and the materials are not too flashy and they really set the tone for some creative jewelry.

Boho style outfit

Belt everything, so that you can give your outfit a shape. You can wear high heels if you really want to, but flats are preferred when it comes to boho. Wear your hair down, in relaxed beach waves, or up in a messy bun.

When going on dates, you will find out that, in the end, it doesn’t really matter what you wear, as long as you’re with the right person. You could be going to the opera and wear a Zuhair Murad number that’s worth thousands of dollars or you could go for some pizza and wear your favorite boyfriend jeans. Just remember to have fun with it!