7 Signs You are Starting to Like Him More Than Just a Friend

The line between best friends and lovers can be very thin, especially considering how best friends have an intimate bond that goes beyond a normal friendship. Now, there is a difference between accepting that your best friend is attractive and actually developing feelings for them. I went through a similar experience too and you can read about that in this article – what happened when I told my best friend I love him.

Any case if you’re freaking out about a sudden realization that you are falling in love with your best friend, here are some tell-all signs that will allow you to figure it out once and for all.

  • The first sign is that you evidently feel confused regarding how you feel. You start questioning if you can really just be friends with this person because deep down you want to jump and kiss them. At the same time you may feel frustrated when they don’t make a move or even scared at losing their friendship.
  • They are the first person you go to when you are in trouble or if something major happens in your life –like a break up– because it just feels right. Not only that, but even if you can’t remember your own phone number you can dial his blindfolded. They have to be the first to know and you don’t feel as confident with anybody else.
  • You feel a tinge of jealousy whenever they are around or talk about the person they have a crush on or are dating. It can also happen that your own significant other feels completely out of the loop when you two are together because you don’t have the same connection with them as with your best friend.
  • You are suddenly hyper-aware of what they think about you or how you look around them. You don’t only dress to impress yourself now, but you actually give some thought as to if this will make you cuter in their eyes.
  • Every single thing you see when you’re apart reminds you of your best friend and you keep a mental file of all the things you believe they’ll like. You can find yourself looking at a supersized box of cereal and randomly think of him. Not only that, but it happens often.
  • Things you never noticed about his physique are suddenly incredibly attractive: the slight hazel tone of the eyes, how good that shirt looks on them or how they bite their lip. Did he start going to the gym? His hair just falls the right way… Any of these sound familiar?
  • You start daydreaming about romantic scenarios involving your best friend. What it would feel to kiss his lips, how your first date would go. Sometimes it can be as extreme as a future together with kids, a garden and the whole shebang.

If any of the above resonate with you, then quite possibly you are falling in love with your best friend or already have. In the end, your best friend is the person you would choose above everyone else in the world and he would never judge you harshly if you decide to come clean and say something. While it may be hard and you may be scared of losing his friendship, honesty is always the best policy. And who knows? He may have feelings for you too but is just as scared!

Image Credit: DRA Photography