Meaningful Girly Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and it is time to start thinking gifts. Successful gift giving is all about presenting the recipient with something they really want – not difficult if you know the person well and money is no object. However, the gifts which seem to be treasured the most are meaningful gifts – gifts which show that lots of thought has gone into choosing them instead of simply plucking something off the shelf or pressing buttons on a keypad to order from an online store. Meaningful gifts needn’t cost anything at all but do require your time, energy and love – the most priceless gifts of all.

So, here are some meaningful gift ideas to give to your best friend on their special day and to show them just how special they are.

A video – make her a personalized video. Perhaps you could go round all her friends and family and film them as they send special personal messages or of them singing or dancing for her. It can be serious or funny – it’s up to you. There are some great movie-maker programs available on the Internet to help you put it all together and add some music which will mean something to your friend.

Photo collage – buy a pin board and fill it with photos that tell the story of your friendship. You can add in little messages if you like or if you have any artistic talent draw some cartoons or caricatures. In between the photos you can add ‘reasons why our friendship is precious’ type messages. You can then decorate the frame with any arts and crafts supplies which you think would appeal.

Personalized jewelry – there are some really great ranges around of jewellery intended to be given between friends. You can choose from earrings, bracelets and necklaces which have heartfelt messages inscribed on them or incorporated within the design such as ‘a true friend reaches for your hand but touches your heart’.

Best friend goody basket – gift baskets can be a little generic and lacking in imagination but not if you make up your own crammed full of all the things your friend loves. Quite what you put in will depend on what your friend is into – food, books, toiletries, music, vouchers, hand-made gifts – but you can let your imagination run riot. You’ll probably end up having as much fun putting it together as they will in receiving it.

Bucket list and wish jar – get together lots of little pieces of card or paper and write on them all your friend’s hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions and recurring thoughts. Put them all inside a pretty jar or box or make something yourself. Sprinkle it with heart confetti/flower petals/stone hearts or put in some chocolates. Useless gift maybe……maybe not. It shows you have listened to everything closest to your friend’s heart and maybe it might just serve as a spur to get her booking that ticket to Paris/changing jobs/joining that cookery class and so on.

Friendship scrap book or journal – you could make it a this-is-your-life type gift for your friend or it can be all about the friendship you share between you. Cram it full with photographs and mementos of your times together and you can add captions, messages and even write some poetry. It doesn’t have to be good or serious – just heartfelt.

Promise vouchers – this can be a single voucher or it can be a little booklet made up of tokens which your friend can redeem with you whenever the going gets tough for her. It could include things like doing her housework for her, babysitting, cooking her a meal, digging her garden, doing her shopping, taking her out for the day……whatever would be appreciated most.

Again, this gift shows not only the thought and time that has gone into it but the ongoing time you are prepared to give to her when she needs it or to ease her burden of unpleasant tasks.

Have any more ideas to add to this list? Please let us know by writing a comment below.