Gifts to Give a Friend with a Broken Heart

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It almost breaks your heart to see some-one you love in so much pain, knowing there is nothing you can say or do. There is no magic glue you can buy to seal up that broken heart and we’re assuming you have no super human powers to move time forward more quickly to hasten the healing. The truth is you can’t fix it. What you can do however is show that broken-hearted friend you care – that she is loved and not alone. You can hold her hand while she moves through the process and you can help occupy her time so that not every second of her day is full of thoughts of HIM. The following are a few gift ideas to give her all that and maybe a little more.

I feel pretty gifts……….chances are your friend is feeling a little (possibly a lot) vulnerable right now and to that you can perhaps add ugly, undesirable, insecure, unfeminine, unsexy and several words of her own. Make her feel pretty again. You could:

  • Buy her a gift pack of some of her favorite make-up and beauty products.
  • Give her a pretty dress or top – something glamorous, sexy or outrageous. Alternatively, depending on your friend’s sense of humor, you could buy her a t-shirt which makes her smile – something with some sort of empowering logo such as ‘men are evil’.
  • Treat her to a day at the hairdressers for a whole new look.
  • Buy her a new pair of earrings or some glamorous new hair accessories.

Pampering gifts………magic glue you don’t have but give your friend an opportunity to pamper her body and then mind and spirit will also become regenerated.

  • Treat her to a spa day – no holds barred.
  • If finances don’t stretch to a top-of-the-range beauty pampering then do it yourself. Invite her round and then give her a facial/massage/paint her nails/give her a pedicure – the whole works.
  • Give her a voucher for a massage.

I love you gifts……….Mr. Wrong might not love her any more but you can show her that some-one does. Gifts which say ‘I love you’ bring comfort and confidence and remind your friend that she is not alone.

  • Make up a CD of girl power songs – anything which talks about women’s independence, strength and so on.
  • Make up a little gift book of inspirational quotes for giving your pal a fast injection of I-can-get-through-this medicine. Depending on your friend’s personality you could even fill the book with boys-are-rubbish type quotes and sayings to make her smile. If you are stuck for ideas then check out the vast resource for this type of thing on the Internet.
  • Secretly arrange to get a few of her friends together for a sleep over – perhaps one brings the ice-cream, one brings the chocolate, one brings the nail polish so you can all paint each others toe-nails in the craziest colors and whatever else would appeal to your friend. Sometime during the evening you can all take turns in telling her ‘I love you because………’. Things like this often turn silly – just what the broken hearted need.

Let’s do something fun gifts………

  • Take her away for the night or a weekend somewhere to give her a break from the familiar and painful reminders around her. Even a few hours can be a great strength booster here.
  • Go dancing until you are fit to drop. Physical exercise makes us release feel-good hormones – a natural boost for a broken heart.
  • Sign the two of you up for an art class/salsa/belly dancing/cookery class/tai chi/yoga/gym – anything which she has wanted to do for a while and can get her teeth stuck into to take her mind off of her situation, even if only for an hour. Who knows, her Mr. Right might even be there as well waiting to meet her.
  • Nature has a way of healing in a way almost nothing else can.Arm yourselves with a book and stroll along the beach identifying seashells or sea-birds; take a walk in the forest identifying trees or butterflies; wander around parks and gardens identifying wild flowers. Things like this can become very absorbing and give your friend a rest from going round and round inside her own head.