10 DIY Girly Jewellery and Bracelet Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Making something fun and useful out of recycled/discarded materials can make for a wonderfully satisfying experience. In this article let me share a few girly jewellery and bracelet ideas that can be made out of materials like soda cans, nail polish, plastic bottles, bottle caps to name a few. They are easy to do even for beginners and do not require a lot of store brought materials. So here goes,

1.) Nail Polish Rings

Make beautiful rings out of nail polish, glitter and glass beads. All you need to make this are plain glass beads (with one side flat), clear top coat nail polish, glitter, a ring blank, strong glue, and a variety of different nail polishes with colors of your choice. You should easily be able to find all of these materials at a craft store.

The procedure is quite simple and the result is awesome cause there are so many cool patters that you can come with up by using combinations of different nail polishes. You can also use polishes with glitter to give it that girly look. Here’s a detailed video that gives you step by step directions on how to make this:

2.) Nail Polish Pendents

You can make cute girly pendants using nail polish and a few other store brought materials like clear glass vase beads, art pens, glue on bails and adhesive. All you got to do is paint the flat side of the vase beads with a top coat, let it dry, draw designs using art pens, coat with glitter nail polish, attach the glue on bail and you are done. To get a detailed tutorial on how to make this, refer the video below:

3.) Washer Pendents

Make beautiful pendents out of washers and some other simple materials. All you need is a 1 inch washer (spray painted), scrapbook paper, 1 inch and 3/8 inch circle punches to punch holes on the scrapbook paper.

Start by making a 3/8 inch followed by a 1 inch hole on the scrapbook paper and use mod podge to stick this on the spray painted washer. Coat the top with mod podge and let it dry. Attach the bail and you are good to go!

To get a detailed tutorial, follow the video below:

4.) Zipper Bracelets

This is a slightly difficult craft to make but the end result is wonderful as these zipper bracelets look so cool and girly.

What you will need for this craft is a zipper of around 6 to 7 inches in length depending on the size of your wrist. You can find this zipper in most craft stores like hobby lobby or even walmart. You will also need crimp bead, a clasp, a jump ring to attach the clasp, scissors, lighter (flame thrower) and needle nose pliers.

Here’s the tutorial on how to make this wonderful bracelet. Give it a go, it will be worth your effort:

5.) Safety Pin Bracelets

You can make extremely cool looking bracelets by stacking glass beads on top of safety pins. All you need for this project are silver/gold safety pins, glass beads (size 11/0) and a 1 mm of elastic cord.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to make this bracelet:

6.) T-Shirt Bracelet

Who would have thought that old t-shirts can be used to make colorful bracelets! All you need for this craft are some old t-shirts preferably with some colorful patters, scissors, needle and thread.

Cut thin 3 to 4 thin strips from your old t-shirt, stitch the ends together and braid them. It’s that simple. To know more, check out the video tutorial below:

7.) Plastic bottle earnings

Plastic bottles can be used to make a range of jewellery crafts that include earnings, pendants, bangles and necklaces. All you need is a plastic bottle, a marker, scissors, craft knife, ruler, fabric and mod podge.

Cut the ends of the bottle using a craft knife to make an opening followed by the scissors. Once done, measure two 5 inches by 1/2 inches rectangles with your ruler and cut them out. Use a brush to apply mod podge on top of these pieces and stick on it your favorite fabric. Punch holes on either sides of the strip and you are good to go!

To get a detailed tutorial, refer the video below:

8.) Bangles out of plastic bottles

Bangles out of plastic bottles? I know, I was amazed myself, but they turned out great and look so chic! And as you guessed, what you need for this craft is a plastic bottle, masking tape, pair of scissors, cutter, magazine, newspapers, paint brush, plastic container, glue and a glass of water.

To do this, wrap the masking tape around the lower part of the bottle and use scissors to cut along the sides of the wrapper. Use the masking tape to fix the ends of this cut-out together. Take out your magazine, find a colorful page and cut out some colorful strips. To know more about how to stick these patters to the cut-out to make the bangle, check out the video tutorial below:

9.) Light Weight Soda Can Earrings

Soda cans make lovely earrings. They are light weight so you can wear them all day and not feel a thing! And all you need to make them are soda cans, hole punches, wooden dapping block (to dome the pieces), gold wire, wire cutter, glue.

Cut the flat part of the can off using scissors and use your hole punch to punch out some circles. Now use a smaller half inch hole punch to punch out a couple more circles. Use a wooden dapping block to dome the pieces. If you don’t have a dapping block, you can use a wooden bowl instead. To get the rest of the steps, watch the video tutorial below:

By the way, drinking too much soda is bad for you. So cut the fizzy drinks. 🙂

10.) Bottle Cap Necklace

Bottle caps can be used to make a variety of girly necklaces. Kind of freaky but still looks great and is very easy to make. All you need for this project are bottle caps, hammer and nail to make holes or a hole punch, stickers, Inkssential’s glossy accents, headpin, jewellery pliers, and chain for the necklace.

If you like the idea, check out the following video that shows you how you can make three different necklace designs using bottle caps:

Hope you found these crafts interesting and worth trying out. Have fun!