How to find true love?

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How to find true love? This is an age-old question, and both sides of the sexes ask it.

The most fundamental and simple of the answers is this: You have already found it!

The greatest romance you have the potential to experience is with yourself. This is not just a new-age concept; poets, mystics and prophets from the millennia, centuries and decades past have expressed this.

Realize Love Within Yourself

On a more practical perspective, one of the only ways you can find true love in another is if you realize it within yourself. Do you know what true love feels like? Do you feel true love for yourself? Find it within yourself, cultivate it, grow it, and then eventually you will come to know it as if it has been with you before you were even conceived.

Metaphysically speaking, you have to know and experience the vibration of what you are seeking (in this case your idea of love with a partner or within a relationship). Are you able to fully be in a relationship with your love?

Accept the Ground Realities of Being in a Relationship

Let me tell you one thing; it is not all butterflies and rainbows.

The feelings of pain are always able to rise up and infiltrate your love experience. There is one fundamental difference; when you are experiencing love the way you understand, see and react to painful experiences (how much you suffer is up to you to decide) and feelings changes. It receives an upgrade, so to speak. You see beyond the emotional outbursts, communication is clarified and your relationship is intensified.

So, you want to find a relationship, a true love, a divine partnership? Are you ready?

Your love doesn’t tell you that everything is bright and sunny when in fact you both feel the storm overhead. Are you ready to stop telling yourself that “it’s okay” when in fact its not?

Your love will tell you that you smell and need to take a shower. Are you ready to let go of the “perfect” image of yourself and learn to embrace that, just as when you move your hand in the sunlight, the shadow on the ground is so inextricably linked with you that it mirrors your movements? You are the messy, chaotic, emotional bundle of confusion, your shadow side (the side of us that no-one is allowed access to except for ourselves), just as much as the light and breezy, wondrous you that you wish to display to the world. Your true love has all access. Are you ready for your partner to see you, all of you?

Your partner will really annoy you. All the little intrinsic characteristics, quirks and traits of your partner will disarm you and anoint you in the initial phases of the relationship. They will then begin to have the potential to inflame you with an irritation so strong you could swear the heavens are playing a sick joke on you.

The beauty of it is, these trigger points may just become the catalysts to that perfect state of love you are so desperately seeking. All your baggage, fears and issues with yourself and the world will come to the surface. Being in true love, you can so simply let it all go. The clarity of communication is beyond description; your childish mommy and daddy issues are transformed into a powerhouse of love and acceptance, setting the optimum circumstances for the relationship with your partner.

Throw Away Your Lists

One ultimate tip is to throw away your lists. You know, the one where you lay down the rules for what you want and what you don’t want? Throw it out. Although it is helpful to know exactly what you want and what you don’t want, if you are using it as a dogmatic structure then you won’t recognize love even when it arrives on your doorstep. I do think it is a good idea to write down the qualities in a partner that you are looking for. But then don’t just leave it at that, pick up the pen again, and write down how you can develop those qualities within yourself, first.