Cute Things to Send Your LDR Boyfriend to Let Him Know How Much You Miss Him

Having a long-distance relationship can be tough, but as if long nights on Skype or text messaging weren’t difficult enough, special dates can’t be celebrated as easily or as practically as we’d hope. While I know we all wish we could surprise our boyfriends on their birthday or celebrate our anniversary with a road trip, sometimes it’s not as convenient financially or even because of school.

For those of you out there who are strong at heart and give love a chance when miles separate you and your significant other, here is a list of pretty snazzy stuff to give to your partner in crime even if he is in a different time zone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary, his birthday or if you just want a little something to reinforce how much you love him. There’s something in the list for everybody!


1. Forget-me-not cards

forget-me-notTake a bunch of blank note cards and write something you think of him or love about him in each one. You can decorate them or keep it simple, as long as you write something on each card straight from your heart. Put them all in a box and ask him to take one each time he feels down or needs a reminder.

2. Message in a bottle

message-bottleThere are services online that will make a message in a bottle for you, but I highly recommend doing it yourself. Write your letter, find your favorite kind of small bottle –soda bottle can look awesome!– and seal it with a cork. You’ll have to go to the post and mail it yourself, but it will be a very personal and cool gift, especially if your boyfriend lives across the ocean.

3. Classic care package

love-packageCare packages have always been one of my favorite things because they show you know a person’s tastes and what they enjoy. Pick a box, whichever size you like and fill it with his favorite candy –maybe some he can’t get where he is?–, a flash drive with a bunch of songs like a mixtape, little trinkets that make you think of him, photos and whatever else he may enjoy.

4. Latitude & Longitude

coordinatesLots of things can be engraved, as long as it’s metal or wood, you can get your coordinates and his engraved on something. One of my personal favorites are keychains because you have to take them anywhere you go, so you always have it with you. Another option is a dog tag or a necklace, but if he’s into outdoor activities, what could be better than a compass to find his way to you?

5. Telegrams

telegramBelieve it or not, despite the existence of post and email, telegrams still exist! I just got one last week and I had to add it to the list. There is something about getting a telegram that is just heartwarming and makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

6. Girlfriend pillow

girlfriend-pillowIf you’re not the master of crafts –like myself– a cool pillow in the shape of a girlfriend’s arm that can be found online can be a hilarious present. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pillows? It will make him laugh and he’ll remember being in your arms when he uses it.

7. Coupon jar

love-coupons2Get a mason jar –as big as you want– and fill it up with pieces of paper in different colors which each have a coupon written in them for something when you meet again. Some suggestions are: “A movie date”, “I’ll make you dinner”, “Good for one picnic” and you can make up as many cute and fun coupons as you like or just buy them online here.

You can also create your own personalized love coupons online.

8. USB mixtape

love-usbLike I mentioned above, music can be a great gift. If you don’t have time or money to put together a care package, you can always get a USB flash drive –some even come in the shape of a cassette!– and you can make a huge playlist of music you both love, songs that remind you of him or those songs that mean something to either of you.

9. Music video

You can record yourself singing, dancing or lip-syncing to some silly or romantic song. Ask your friends and family for help so you can put a big production on! Remember that anything that goes on the internet stays there forever, even if you delete it. So be careful if you’re thinking about uploading a photo album or a vide. Ask your parents for advice, just in case!

Whatever you send your significant other, he will appreciate it. I know long distance love can be tough, but hang in there and make it stronger!

Featured image credit: Stephoto