5 Inexpensive Craft Ideas for Decorating Your Room

Decorating your room can seem like a daunting task or at least a really expensive one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You also don’t have to spend days re-doing your decoration –unless you want to!– because the following ideas are quick, easy and can look absolutely amazing. Here are my top 5 room decor ideas.

1.) Decorating Light switch plates and outlet covers: This is by far one of my favorite decoration crafts and it is amazingly easy. You can buy the covers at any hardware store or use the ones installed –just ask your parents to help take them off the wall–and do one of two options. After dusting them off, take some mod-podge or white glue and paint a generous layer of it on the face of the cover. Sprinkle it with glitter or use some patterned paper to cover it entirely. After it dries up, just give it another coat of glue and voilà! You can also use pearls or any other kind of stuff to give it your special touch.

The following is a video tutorial explaining how it is done:

2.) Decorative Button Picture Frames: If you have a bunch of extra buttons around your house and a picture frame you don’t really love this is the perfect solution. If you want to make your frames match your light switches, you can also use the same glitter –or a contrasting color– or the same patterned paper! Don’t forget to seal it over with some glue to make it last longer.

3.) Dry erase boards: Dry-erase boards can be super pricey but are so useful for keeping track of your to-do list or just to write some inspiring quotes. If you can get your hands on a piece of glass and some fabric to make a frame around it, you’ll be set! Just remember to buy some dry-erase markers in your favorite colors. You can also make a frame for it out of an old graphic tee!

Here is a video tutorial of a simple dry erase board:

4.) Chalkboard everything: A really inexpensive way of having a very unique wall –or cabinets or anything, really– is to save up for some chalkboard paint. You can get it at any hardware store as well and it comes in a bunch of colors but the most common is black. Whatever you paint with it instantly becomes a chalkboard. You can erase it and scribble again just like in ‘500 Days Of Summer’!

5.) Fairy lights pixel photo heart: This works better with square photos, so if you use your Instagram pics that is perfect! Take some cardboard and cut a heart as big as you want it for your wall. Paint it a solid color; whichever is your favorite and wait for it to dry. Now cover it up with your square pictures leaving a small space between each photo. It will look like the heart is made of pixels when you’re done. After it’s dry, put it up on your wall where you like. Take some fairy lights –just your normal Christmas lights– and place them around your newly hung up heart.

Your bedroom is a place that should have your touch all over, so why not take advantage of this and make it yours? Take a look at what could use some spicing up and transform it into something unique just like you. That way, whenever you wake up you will be surrounded by happiness and awesomeness. Happy crafting!