Simple Gift Ideas to Make Your Boyfriend this Valentine’s Day

It goes without saying that guys love gifts that are personalized. And when it comes to personalized gifts it does not get better than something handmade. Handmade gifts are so much more romantic than store brought ones and they convey your deep love for your boyfriend or hubby.

Having said that and with V-day fast approaching, here are a few videos that I found online with some great gift ideas that you can make your BF or Hubby.

1.) So first off here’s a wonderful video from ‘TheClassyItGirl’, in which she teaches how to make the following cool gifts:

  1. A romantic scrapbook that captures memories of your love.
  2. A glittery date jar with pallet sticks each marked with a romantic date idea.
  3. A cute pink box with little heart cut-outs each one marked with a cute text.
  4. A love puzzle which you and your boyfriend can put together. Cool isn’t it?

To know how to make these items, check out her video below. The video is in 2 parts:


2.) Next in line is this video from the ‘PrimroseMakeup’ girls wherein they share the following really simple to make gift ideas:

  1. DIY ‘scrathers’ which when scratched reveals a romantic message like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘I Love You Lots’.
  2. Delicious heart shaped pretzels.
  3. Valentine Fortune Cookies that reveal cute romantic messages.
  4. Yummy heart shaped cookie pops.

To know how to make these, check out their video below:


3.) Next up here’s a wonderful video from ‘AllThatFresh’ where she teaches you how to make the “52 reasons I love you mini book” made out of a deck of playing cards.

I gave this to my BF last year and he loved it so much! So if you have not done something like this yet, go for it this year. I can guarantee that your BF will love it. Here’s the video showing you how to make it:


4.) Moving on, here’s a video from ‘Chelse Perry’ where she teaches you how to make a ‘Valentine’s Day Mini Album‘ packed with pictures, quotes and romantic messages.

It’s true that scrapbooks are kind of girly, but if you BF is cool and you think he might like it, then go for it. Here’s the tutorial video:


5.) I really loved this idea from ‘linamariax3ify’, it’s really unique and creative. She rightly calls it the ‘Alphabet of Our Love Book‘. The book contains a letter on each page and a romantic message for each letter of the alphabet.

A lovely idea which your boyfriend would love reading on Vday. Here’s how to make it:


6.) And finally, this one is a time consuming project but the end result is something amazing! It’s called the ‘365 things I love about you Jar‘. A decorated jar containing romantic messages on cute stripes of paper.

If you run out of ideas on what to write, check out her video description to get some ideas.

You can also make this into a ‘Date Night Jar‘ with different colors of cards representing different set of activities. For instance, a red card could include ideas that require a lot of planning and outdoor activities like a Restaurant Hop (different restaurant for appetizer, dinner, dessert) or a weekend away. Similarly a white card can have ideas that include indoor activities like playing a board game, or cooking dinner together.

For more on this, check out her video here:

Hopefully you found these videos helpful in deciding what you want to make for your boyfriend this Vday!